ibeacon applications

So what can these iBeacons actually do then?

Well the answer, and rather unsurprisingly, is anything that you want them to do.

As we’ve previously mentioned, the iBeacons themselves do very little. They transmit a unique identifier. This identifier can be “known” to the app’.

Of course, the app’ needs to have been installed. iBeacons will not and cannot send adverts and spam to a device.

The user MUST have requested and installed an app’, which brings promotional activities in to the project.

So the user may have installed a Starbucks app’. As you walk in to a Starbucks the app’ will pick up the signal and it will know which Starbucks you are in. Not using any fantastic location solution, but simply by the fact that the iBeacon has a unique identifier and the app’ knows that this beacon is in this particular store.

Simple really.

Ok, so this opens up the world of retail to beamed offers and discount codes. It could also, as an example, know that if you are near the shoes aisle in a store you might be interested in knowing that there is a sale on in the suits department.

This would all be data driven using “big data”. The store would know the correlation between shoes and suits.

Voucher code push would enable the retailer to target offers based on location. The location of the beacon in relation to the consumer, of course.

So Starbucks know you are nearest (note the use of nearest) to the cake trolley. Now would be the time to beam up an offer for a cake and a coffee deal.

The list of possibilities within retail is endless and without a doubt you’ll see these systems propagating around your local high street.

There’s more though.

We have identified opportunities in the video games industry, the music industry, the sports industry .. well you get the picture.

We are working with 3rd party content suppliers on some really cool iBeacon applications.

Drop us a line via our contact page if you’d like some more information OR have an idea that you’d like some help with.

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