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Please find following, outline biogs for the team members of the Bristol Green Capital Digital Challenge:

Simon Richardson

Simon has worked in a number of industries including affiliate marketing, games development, online/offline publishing and the music industry at Manager/ Director Level. Simon founded a games development and publishing business which had exclusive publishing licenses with both SONY CEE and Microsoft. The company was responsible for developing and publishing millions of PlayStation and XBOX discs across Europe and USA. Simon is also responsible for setting up and deploying the iBeacons

Dave Newman

David has been working in the games development and publishing industry for many years and has numerous self published games on both the Apple store and Steam. David is a specialist 2d/ 3d Designer and also produces digital music for use in many projects including games and advertising. David worked at Future Publishing for a number of years where he worked on all of the digital channels including PC, XBOX, PlayStation and DVD.

Coen De Groot

Professional developer with 30+ years’ experience working and playing with computers, Coen is currently developing a complicated website for the US solar power industry using Python/Django, JavaScript and SQL. Having organised 7 conferences, taken part in 3 game development jams (winner of one), trained and worked as a professional coach, Coen enjoys working with others and under pressure. A keen board gamer, Coen likes designing games and creating experiences for others (including elaborate themed treasure hunts for his children’s birthday parties). A current/past supporter of or subscriber to the Soil Association, the Centre for Alternative Technology, the Ecologist, Resurgence and Positive News, he has been following the environmental movement for the last 10 years.

Alex Latham

Alex is an urban games expert and has been responsible for running some of the most successful urban games projects across Bristol. Alex knows what a good game looks and plays like and is responsible for making sure our game delivers an entertaining and educational experience to the app users.

Lukas Roper

Lukas is a Senior Developer working on games at Opposable Games in Bristol. Lukas has a recent 1st class degree from the University of the West of England. Lukas has programming expertise in C#, C++, JSON, XML, Java and develops across multiple platforms.

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