how to get involved with ibeacons

Throughout the rest of this site, we’ve given you a little taste of what iBeacons are and a quick heads-up on the type of applications that can be run.

So, the question now is, would you like some input on a current or future project?

Here’s what we can do;

We can build a full blown application that will work within a project environment.

For example, you may be running a mobile app for your store(s). This app’ may be standalone for online ordering OR it may have some in-store functionality.

We can help deliver a solution to bring iBeacons to your business while keeping within your current development framework.

We can develop technology for you.

Perhaps you already have a development team and you really just need a bit of input in to the how’s and why’s of adding iBeacon technology.

Full project delivery.

Maybe you have a concept for a project. Perhaps this project is a game and you feel that it has the potential to use this technology. We are happy to discuss everything with you in a confidential manner.

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